Prenatal Care

Chiropractic care for the mom to be

Physiological and hormonal changes occur during pregnancy when creating the environment for the developing baby. These changes can often cause discomfort and pain. Chiropractic care can address pain, support vaginal birth through pelvic alignment and optimal fetal positioning, promote a helthier pregnancy, ease symptoms of nausea; and reduce the time of labor and delivery.

Postnatal Care

Caring for your body after birth

Your body has changed dramatically over the course of your pregnancy and delivery. Continuing with chiropractic care after your baby is born helps to encourage your pelvis to realign. Also, your abdominal wall has grown larger during pregnancy, and this means it cannot support your spine the way it did previously. We can create an exercise routine that supports your core as it goes through postpartum healing. In addition to treating your post-partum body, chiropractic care can address the new behaviors that you engage in as a new mom. Carrying an infant car seat, rocking and holding the baby, and breastfeeding can all lead to neck and back pain as your body adjusts to your new routine.


Chiropractic care from birth

We see our smallest patients from birth. Chiropractic care can treat acute issues related to tongue/lip ties, constipation and colic. Children can also benefit from the balancing of their nervous systems which can help address seasonal allergies, behavioral disorders and bedwetting. Prioritizing spinal health from an early age creates a healthy habit for a lifetime.